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Inspiring Life & Travel in France

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From Dream to Reality: New Avenues To France

Bonjour, mes amis. Thank each of you who reached out to wish me a Happy Birthday. February 21st has always been my favorite day of the year (if you want to write it down for next year!) Having spent another birthday enjoying my life and friends in Uzès, I am blessed to have a life […]

In Memoriam: Geoffrey Brown


The Barefoot Blogger will celebrate 10 years of expat life in Uzès in September. If ever anything, or anyone, made an impression on me during this new life event, it was Geoffrey Brown. You know Geoffrey if you have followed the Barefoot Blogger since its beginning. His stories and our adventures fill this space, especially […]

The Basics About Uzès

One of France’s most charming and popular destinations It seems more and more people want to know and visit Uzès. The growing crowds and booming rental market say this medieval town is fast becoming a hot spot in the south of France. Within easy traveling distance from Montpellier, Nimes, and Avignon, and its proximity to […]

Uzès Truffle Festival Star: Madame Cochan

Uzès Truffle Festival 2023 is here! Let’s take a look back … Saturday night, I served a fancy pork terrine bought in the Loire Valley to friends in town for the Uzès’ Truffle Festival. That bite of pork could have been my last. I’m in love with pigs. I’ve always had an attraction to pigs, […]

Life in Uzès: Traveling with a Pet

Life in Uzès Traveling with Pets

I’ve found a suitable companion after seven years of living in France. Now I’m learning about life in Uzès, traveling with a pet.  Meet Fanny. Fanny came into my life six weeks ago. Now, we’re inseparable. My friend Aileen brought Fanny from Sete. Aileen knows how much I covet her little Yorkie, Karma, and she’s […]

Grand Re-Opening in Uzès

After months of lockdown, we’re ready to open again! Tomorrow is the grand re-opening in Uzès of shops and cafes with outside dining. Ready… Set … Let’s Go! There’s lots of activity in Uzès this week, with business owners tidying up their spaces after a long time of closed doors. Friends are grabbing reservations to […]

Snow In Uzès!

Snow in Uzès! Remember how excited you were as a child when you looked out your window and there was snow on the ground? That’s how I felt when we had snow in Uzès. It was glorious! As you can imagine, it doesn’t often snow in southern France. That’s one reason so many come here […]

‘Tis The Day After Christmas In Uzès


“Tis the day after Christmas in Uzès. For those who wish you could see the decorations and holiday market in my favorite town, enjoy the tour!  While you’re here, I would like to share my thoughts and feelings for the day. I’m no poet, yet it came out in rhyme. ”Tis the day after Christmas […]

December Walk Around Uzès

When I was away from my French home in the winter months,  I wished I could see what I was missing. I longed for a December walk around Uzès. Now that I’m firmly planted here for a while, I’d like to share what I’m seeing. So many friends of the Barefoot Blogger have asked. So […]

Lockdown in Uzès. A Story of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving for Americans in Uzés this year is truly a story of sharing. One traditional Thanksgiving meal fed over two dozen Americans in thirteen different households, plus leftovers to share with the local Montessori school.  The idea was the brainchild of one of our favorite friends and gourmet caterers in Uzès, Susan Seagram. She offered […]